• Breast Augmentation Demand May Be Rising in Seattle

    According to local plastic surgeon Dr. Wandra K. Miles, breast augmentation demand rose in 2010 and will continue to do so in following year...

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  • Skin Lifting and Tightening With Ulthera: Now Availab...

    As seen on The Dr. Oz show, Ultherapy firms and tightens skin without surgery.

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  • Seattle Plastic Surgeon Suggests Proper Skin Care Ass...

    Dr. Wandra Miles, a Seattle plastic surgeon who performs procedures including face lifts and eyelid surgery, says that her patients who use ...

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  • More Breast Rescue Surgeries being Performed by Seatt...

    Because he has developed a reputation for handling the most challenging breast revision surgery referral cases, Dr. Braden Stridde reports s...

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  • Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon Among First In The Nat...

    Dr. Wayne F. Larrabee from Seattle is among the first in the nation to offer Ultherapy. Ultherapy is new skin tightening technology for the...

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